Monday, September 17, 2012


That's right, pillage you're local grocery stores the world coming to an end. I'm FINALLY updating after a million years of silence. To be honest, I can only place the blame on Twitter. It's so quick and easy to update on there and being an artist, the phrase "Time is money," is more than just a phrase. It's pretty much a life motto. So if you're not already, you should DEFINITELY be keeping up with me through my twitter :  DomoStanton

So this has been an interesting year. Still working at Floyd County full time on the award winning series, Archer on FX. Besides that I've been lucky enough to ALSO get cover work for BOOM! studios on a series called Fanboys vs. Zombies! Which after my dry spell in comics last year, is such a great opportunity and I'm super greatful for. It's a crazy fun series drawn by one of my favorite artsits, best friends, and studio mate Jerry Gaylord. If you haven't picked it up yet, do yourself a favor. It's hilarious! My covers start on issue #8 hitting the shelves in November so stay tuned for updates on those! Also I have some pics from the recent Baltimore con where Identity comics rocked the house!
Prolly the most special moment of the whole convention. The All members, old and new of ID Comics together for what could be the last time for a photo!
 Hottest Mario n Luigi ever, wouldn't you say?

 More Cosplay, and a few commission I did over the weekend.

HOPEFULLY I'll be able to update more on other things I'm workin on a little more frequently. but remember to FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!!! DomoStanton

work hard, stay motivated and keep hustlin. Change comes with patience!


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