Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Post Heroes Convention 2012

Hello All,

I'm back at Floyd County now going strong with Archer season 4, but so far the highlight of the years has been this past weekend at Heroes Con. Every year it's always a blast, and this year was no different. Meeting new artists, as well and hanging out with a few old ones is the best part about the whole experience!  This time I was given the opportunity of my own table space! Though it was way in the way back of the convention, It was definitely still a fun time! Tons of fans came out to support, was up to my eyeball in commissions, and sold tons of prints as well! I gotta say though, I'm convinced that tableing with Identity Comics is where I belong! And that's where you'll find me at this coming Baltimore and New York Comic Con.

Also I submitted a watercolor piece in the Heroes Charity Art auction as well, which sold for $125!! Not as much as I was expecting but STILL a great price!! ESPECIALLY for it being my first watercolor piece ever! Anywho, enough of my yammering. Time for some pics! I didn't take many pictures of the con, but I do have a couple cosplayers and some of the commissions I did. Enjoy! 

AND Finally, my Art Auction Piece! I think it 
could've did better than $125, what you think?

 Until Next time! Cheers!


New World Mike said...

Hey there.....we wound up purchasing that there Witchblade at the art auction! Who did you base the face on?

New World Mike said...

Hey there....we purchased that Witchblade! Who was the face based on?

Dominike "Domo" Stanton said...

Hey New World Mike! Sorry for the late reply, been very busy! Thanks so much for buying my piece! I had tons of fun drawing it!! I actually made the face up on my own! Does it remind you of someone?