Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hey Folks! As promised I'm definitely keeping you guys informed of my latest whereabouts and this time I have 2 announcements.

First up is Heroes con! I'll be there held up with Jerry "The Franchize" Gaylord, Penny "Peng-Peng" Gaylord, and Bryan "The Flash" Turner as Identity Comics at table AA-636 for most of the weekend, and I may make a few appearances with Studio Revolver at AA-838 as well! If you're ging to be there be sure to stop by and give me a shout! I'm always up for commissions, selling prints, or just hanging for a chat!

Second announcement is if you live in Atlanta, or Georgia period, and you love art, you should DEFINITELY check out the RAW artist art show exhibit featuring my friend Chi Duong, AKA MOCHI BABY on June 29th, at Terminal West , 887 West Marietta Studio C!!! Just follow the link!!


This is a HUGE event, featuring not only the hottest artists, but fashion, make-up, music, film, hair and performing art!! Tickets are $10 and are based on artist support, so if you can make it I'd supper appreciate it if you supported my friend MOCHI BABY when you buy!!! and I'll do you one better! If you buy a ticket for her and message me on here or email me, I'll draw you a, 8 1/2x11 sketch of anything you want! Can't beat that with a stick!! 


That's it for now!


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