Sunday, May 20, 2012

Return of the Mac

Hello folks!

Seems like I have a weird pattern going on here. I post something, disappear for 5 months, come back with a glorious "Hey guys I'm back forrealz this time" message, then disappear for another 5 months after 1 post.

Well, THIS time I'm DETERMINED not to let that happen.  So this post and the next few following will be completely dedicated to catching you guys up to what's been going on. FX's Archer is back in full swing now after an outstanding successful 3rd season! If you still haven't seen the show, WATCH IT!!! I promise you it's funny, and I'm not saying that just because I work on it. Though, last season, being it my first experience in an animation production studio, I was COMPLETELY caught off guard with how much time I'd be working a day/week, hence my completely falling off the face of the earth.

It sucked big time, not being able to take any freelance, or draw things I wanted to post, especially being on an all time high coming off the Deadpool book I did for Marvel. SO, that's what these updates will accomplish.

Now many of you are probably thinking "Well Domo, I'm guessing production is just like a regular 9-5 gig, how could you not have time for other stuff?

Well, when the studio falls behind (which we did more than not) those 9 to 5 days turned into 9 to 7 days, then eventually 9 to 8 days + weekends. In my mind, it was bitter sweet, because the overtime pay is super needed (me being one of the unlucky folks that were left with enormous SCAD debt). Then not only was I picked up to do a couple sets of Marvel sketch cards (which I will be posting as well) but I was also working diligently on a comic project soon to be published that I can't go into detail about now, but when it comes out will let you guys know all about. Trust me, it took a ridiculous amount of time to get through that project, (without having weekend to work on it) but now that it's on it's way to completion (my jobs out the way at least) my whole world just opened up to new possibilities! Also if you've recently seen me at a convention you'll know that I'm going strong with Identity Comics, and we're planning to put out our "BROTHERHOOD OF FIGHTERS" book later this year! So, a lot of my time was put into that too!

Finally I've also had the pleasure of going with my girlfriend to HONG KONG and TAIWAN!!!! BEST FREAKING TIME OF MY MOTHERLOVIN' FREAKIN LIFE!!!!! Especially because I've never been out of the country!! Unfortunately for you guys I took WAAAAAAAAAY too many pictures to post all of em, but I will post a few exclusively here on my blog, so stay tuned folks!

 I've also started a Twitter account so you guys can follow me at @Domo_stanton as well!! This year, like I said before, I will definitely be more active. Working in animation is a GREAT gig, but nothing is better than having my own personal style that I've worked hard at, and people enjoy and acknowledge you for. Any who, I believe that all for now! If I've left anything out, it'll most likely be brought  up in a future post, so here's a toast to the return of your favorite lovable friendly neighborhood animator/ comic artist!!!



theFranchize said...

good to see u updating your blog. u gotta keep us informed!

theFLASHguy said...

I feel complete now....thanks foe the update!

Dominike "Domo" Stanton said...

haha, well guys, if you haven't noticed, I did open a twitter so I could at least be more active online somehow, though I think I finally hit a groove. I'm producing a lot more drawings, but getting them colored is a whole new beast in itself... @.@....