Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hey Folks!

Hope everyone has had a great holiday and a wonderful new year! I know I did! Got a few gifts, hung out with the fam, got dragged along for some shopping, but best of all had a nice juicy delicious week out of work to just relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax. :D

Any who, speaking of work, the long anticipated first episode (technically 4th) of Archer Airs January 19th at 10pm. If you like ocelot's, people in wheelchairs, and Burt Reynolds, then you're totally gonna love this season! Check it out!

Last but not least I just want to share a gift my friend Chi Duong made me! She's been a coworker of mine off and on for a few years now, first while I was drawing caricatures at Six Flags over Georgia, now at Floyd County! So freakin cool!

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Darnell said...

Haha..I like the Mini deadpool!