Friday, June 27, 2014

Heroes Con and beyond

Sup Folks!

So I'm back and fully rest after another fun convention. I think of every convention I go to Heroes con is always the most welcoming of all. I always end up making my money back, but it the honest its the only convention where I feel like even if I didn't make my money back I wouldn't sweat it. It's extremely artist focused so there's always new people to meet, hang out, grab a drink with, laugh about experiences in the industry, or in life in general. Fantastic show, can't wait till next year!

Any who, if you're not familiar with Heroes con then you don't know that it carries an art auction every year that funds the show for upcoming years. Artists are free to donate originals, prints, pages, etc. for which fans and artists alike bid on and buy. This is my fourth year submitting and here's the piece! For the past 3 years I'd normally start a piece the Friday the convention starts and try my best to submit a a finished piece by the end of Saturday, but this time I had the time to spend a full week on it. Reception was great and it sold for $200, so I was happy haha.

Also here are a few commissions I did during the show. I didn't get any spideys this time around.... I'll have to make it a point to get some spideys in there next time! 


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