Friday, October 26, 2012

The C's of NYCC

You thought they stood for Comic Con? WRONG. Cosplays and Commissions baby. Cause that's what I'm bringing in this post! Brought to you by yours truly and the awesome fans from NYCC!
Definitely some of the best cosplays I've seen in a single convention,  including the REAL Peter Griffin (literally, he even talked like him. Like he just walked straight out of the tv.) Also a SWEET Kidpool based on my design from the "Show and Raise Hell" story I did for Marvel!!!


I Think I was a lot more a fan of him than he was of me. 
This was SO cool!

Did I mention Coco was there!? I didn't... well... Coco was there!! lol. 
  hhhmmmm... I guess I'll save the commissions for the next post. This one just got super long. haha. 

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