Thursday, September 22, 2011

Archer Season 3


Archer Season 3 is DEFINITELY under way! The first episode aired this past Thursday night on FX. Here are the promos for the first 2 episodes. Enjoy!

This is only a taste of the hard work we've accomplished so far (couple of things I've drawn showed up). They'll be playing the next 2 episodes tomorrow and next Thursday to conclude the tie up for any loose ends left from last season, before the season really kicks off in sometime later. So stay tuned folks! Also one of my friends caught this after the first episode

Can you spot my name? (also I drew one of the characters in that scene) haha.... yea I'm still geeking out, but I hear it's a feeling that'll eventually wear down. Until then Here's to my first on screen credit!


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Messenger of Messages said...

bro congrats on the steady ART gig!!!! man what a blessing keep it up bro keep it up!!!
see you on top!!