Friday, March 18, 2011

New header and updates

What up folks!

Hope alls' been well with you guys. I think by now I don't have to apologize for my lack of updates, you know the deal. So much work, so little time. But, as a reward for your patience, here's a nice long update post to make up for it!

FIRST! You notice anything different? Well, along with a slew of construction on the site itself I finally got the chance to update my Header, which I've been meaning to do for years. Crits are always welcome!

Remember the Comic Book Resources contest I entered in my last post? Well the results are finally in and I made the top 5!!! I think like 5th place! Now normally I wouldn't be too happy about that because like the great Ricky Bobby says, "If you ain't first, your last!" lol, but in this case I did the thumbnails, layout, and penciled the whole page the night before it was due just for the fun of it, so to still make top 5 I think is pretty impressive. Maybe if they have another competition I'll put my money where my mouth is and actually try to win. :D You can check the link here:

CBR Temptation's page winner

Also I've been working pretty hard with a few writers on a book that we're hoping to get published. Right now its in the beginning character design/thumbnail phase, so maybe I'll get to shed a little more light on that the closer it is to being done. Of coarse I can't leave you guys without flaunting some of the most recent commissions I've done.

This was a character design commish. Had a lot of fun playing around with color theory in this one, some of which I also applied to my new header as well. Figure if I practice enough it'll come more natural to me. Who knows, I might even get good at it!

Very fun character design. I'd love to draw this guy more, but This is a returning client to be prepared to see more like 'em in the next couple weeks.

Finally, this is a CD cover I did for a Metal band called "Lessayel." You can check the finished, colored version at this link, AceofSpades DevArt, done by my friend Cristian Capasso. Very awesome collab, hope we get to do more.

Finally. DEADPOOL FAMILY #1, for Marvel Comics folks! This is my second time getting published, but my first MAJOR opportunity with the publisher I want to eventually contract with! Comes out April 6th!!! SO I'm Urging everyone, if you have kids, grand kids, nephews, little cousins, adopted siblings, orphan Annie friends, alien doppelgangers or you fancy good wholesome funny comics yourself the PLEASE check it out and pick it up! Hopefully closer to print date Marvel will post some preview page that I'll also be able to share here as well.

Until then, That's it for now guys! Enjoy the nice Spring weather!


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