Sunday, March 6, 2011

Batman Confidential 1 Page 6

Hey folks,

In an attempt to somewhat stay busy, I entered a contest over at CBR. We got a page from the Batman Confidential script and had to interpret it the way we saw fit. As if it were a job. So, now that it's in, I need you guys to go check out all the submissions, and vote for me!!!!!! lol, joking, definitely vote as you see fit, If I still happen to be on the top of your list, then that's cool too.

The link is here:

temptations page vote

Here's My submission.

Also feel free to let me know what you think as well.

I think If I were to vote, here would be my top 5:

1)ME (biased for obvious reasons)
2)Gerard Straker
3)Rebecca Gunter
4)Mannix Francisco

All of my votes are based on the ones I think are the most professional looking, have a good style, show good storytelling based around the script, and are the most publishable.

There are some other good submissions as well, but I think these are the best. But that's just me.

Unfortunately there is no prize that I know of, but it's a chance to build my portfolio, while getting a little recognition for it. But in this profession, recognition is EVERYTHING!

Anyways, Until next time!



Alan Hawley said...

I think your entry and Mannix Francisco are the strongest out of the lot. Kick ass work man!

Meesimo said...

Nice page man! Easily the strongest among the lot, very dynamic style. And now I have another reason to pick up that Deadpool book besides my man Dave Johnson's tight cover.

Darnell said...

Sweet page! awesome!