Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Deadpool Family

Well folks it looks like it's official!! One of the quickest answered New Years Resolutions to date! Marvel just press released the print date for a book I did for them called Deadpool Family!! Check the links!

Comic Book Resources link

Newsarama link

With the ever so amazing Jason Pearson cover, it's a small anthology of 3 different stories, including me, alongside artists Darnell Johnson and my Girlfriend, Irene Strychalski, starring the cast of the Deadpool Corpse series. Mine covering Kidpool and Dogpool. It's a book stocked full of action, grotesque romance, and canine fun! It hits stores in April!!

This is my second time being published, but my first for a major company. I definitely feel blessed to have this opportunity and I hope my career only gets better from here. Thanks to everyone so far who has shown admiration for my work, I wouldn't be anywhere without you guys! Here's hoping to see my work on more shelves in 2011!!!



Tony Zollo said...

You sir, deserve every bit of this! Congratulations!

ps I'll be needing your sigy on this one

Peng-Peng said...

WOOHOOO!!! can't wait to pick up our copy! congrats sir! that's why ur amazin. =)

Domo stanton said...

lol, thanks guys! :D

Profound said...

Dag man... I just came across your page by happenstance and I see you still doing your thing. I don't know if you remember me, but we went to Madison together. When we both were in to drawing Dragonball Z stuff.

Just holla back at me. Congrats on your success.

MisterMilano said...

Hey domo this is nicholi walthall I dunno if you remember me from middle school. Just wanted to say congrats. I got your blog from Jevon Myles. I'm def gonna pick this up. Good luck with everything and I hope your career blows up. It's nice to see ppl doing what they've always loved to do. Haha I remember when u use to draw DBZ lol

Messenger of Messages said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is time good sir!!!!!!!!

Messenger of Messages said...