Saturday, September 11, 2010

FINALLY! An Update!!!!

I know RIGHT! Dude! I really suck at this. and my studio mates say I should get a twitter -_-...... LOL!!! be the loneliest, most boring page EVER!!!! so anyways, I guess I can start with my new place!

Just moved there a few weeks ago from the old beaten down shack. I gotta say, I'm lovin this new place ALOT better. Had to do a BOAT load of commissions to be able to afford it though. I'll be posting some of those in the next update so this one isn't to cluttered with images, because there are a lot of them. A WHOLE lot.

Also, I just came from Baltimore con last week which was AWESOME. Sat behind the table with my studiomates, Jerry, Penny, Joe, and Bryan(flash) at Identity comics. If you don't know 'em, you should check 'em out. All members, AMAZING artists and people I've known since I was about 15, and all who've watched me grow into the somewhat cool artist you know today. actually, here is a collage of some of the commissions we did while at the con and one of the other marker sketches I did . I suck at taking pictures of the works I do at cons, but I'm responsible for the peter pan, Magma, plus the Bolt image.

It was my first time in a WHILE using marker, but I like how they all came out. I'll also be attending New York comic con, just as a guest though. No table this time because I want to use that opportunity to really get my portfolio in front of some editors and try to get as much feedback as possible. BUT don't worry, next year, we'll be hitting the scene ALOT more. ESPECIALLY with some news I have that I'm sure you'll all like. But enough about my ramblings. next up will ba some of the sketch commissions I've done!

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