Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hey folks!

So I haven't been updated lately but it's all for good reason. Ya boy's been pretty busy. Sad to say that it's been mostly "I need money or I'm homeless" manual labor type busy, and not "OMG I still have 5 pages to draw and my Deadlines tomorrow, " busy. But ya gotta crack a few eggs before you can make an omelet right? Is that even the right saying for this occasion? lol.

Anyways, besides moving stuff, filling in flats, coloring storyboard backgrounds for money, (and not getting payed to draw comics :( .....yet) I have managed to get a couple character commissions out! YAY!

All but the Witchblade drawing are pinup illustrations, creator copyrighted by their respectable owners, Witchblade is a character sketch and is of course owned by Top Cow, so no stealy please! and if any of you guys would like a character drawn feel free to email me for prices! Until next time.



Chris Schweizer said...

That crazy band leader is gorgeous. I mean the DRAWING is gorgeous. He's okay-looking.

Illink said...

Nice post! Keep pushing mang!

ANTM T-Shirt Designs And More said...

Your drawings are so cool!!! Best wishes to you!