Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Heroes Con Recap

Hey guys!

So This years Heroes convention was a BLAST!! Honestly, I was pretty bummed that me and LinkIdentity Comics were unable to get a table this year, to the point where I wasn't even gonna go. After some convincing from my lady, I changed my mind, and I gotta say, this has probably been one of the best con experiences I've had so far. It's always a good time, especially because I get to talk to most of my favorite artists, and good friends as well as hang out with them after the show. Guys like Dan Panosian, Skottie Young, Eric Canete, Jason Pearson, and Dave and Greg of Creature Box, and so many more. So much talent in one room, just made me even more pumped to go home and draw like crazy. (then I woke up early the next day to go to work, lol!) I even got to get my work in front of DC editor, Eddie Berganza, which could possibly spring some opportunities with them as well. When you work 24/7 constantly trying to keep yourself alive in the comic world, as well as pay your bills (because you can't draw in the dark) it's events like these that give you the somewhat vacation/ motivating feeling you need to keep going!

For the first time, I also entered two pieces into the annual art auction. One was an inked Colossus drawing, the other was the original Runaways piece I did a while back. The Colossus sold for $150, which for just an inked drawing for my first submission, I was really excited! A lot of people went all out this year. Of course the color work sold for A LOT more, and most artists stepped up to the challenge either with paints, color pencil, or marker. The Runaways piece went into the silent auction so I'm not sure how much that one sold for, but I'm hoping it did well. While there, I chilled with my Australian friend Conny Valentina , who's beautiful Bat girl piece sold for about $3700. If your not familiar with her work, you should be. She's AMAZING!! Speaking of amazing, Adam Hughes managed to top himself, YET again, with his mixed media painting of black cat and Catwoman, selling for a whopping $12,000. Next year, I'm bringing my A game. I already know what I'm gonna do, I just have to figure out a way to do it. It got pretty rowdy at one point, but just crazy loads of fun.

Had to leave WAAAAY early on Sunday because I couldn't find a later ride, but overall it was a really good time. Definitely looking forward to next years' Heroes show, as well as the shows to come this year. For now, it's back to work! update for that coming next time :)


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