Monday, May 2, 2011

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and other news...

Hello all,

Coming to you LIVE to bring you another report on the whereabouts of your lovable friendly neighborhood comic artist. That is.... me of coarse... First up, what I'm working on...

Besides the release of my first Marvel Book, Deadpool Family, I have a couple of smaller, more personal projects in the midst. One is a super action packed story called "The Brotherhood," which is a group collaboration between my studio mates of Identity Comics and I. Unfortunately I don't have anything I can show at the moment, but there will be very soon. We've been working pretty hard to get the story and characters together so once we start releasing more info we know your gonna love it! Other than that, it's all freelance and commissions.

Next, up my appearances for the next upcoming months. This Saturday I'll be doing a book signing for Free Comic Book day at 2 locations. First from 11am-3pm at Criminal Records Atlanta, then from 4pm-7pm at Oxford Comics. (Check the links for more information) If you live near the Atlanta area and you have a lonely copy of Deadpool family with no signature, You like my work and you want a sketch or print, or you just think I'm a swell guy and want to come say hello, feel free to totally stop by at any location!

That's all for now!


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