Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wizard World Atlanta Recap

Hey folks!

Big update this time. So Wizard World Atlanta was actually a little more than I expected for a 2- day show. Don't get me wrong, it lived perfectly up to its reputation as far as crappy promotion and unorganized placement, so obviously sales sucked, but the show itself at least held more real estate than I thought it would. The people were nice though. Screwed up about half of Artist Alleys table placements, but at least they were pretty responsive about accommodating everyone. I hope they take some pointers from the folks who run Comic Con and continue to grow. We need more local shows.

Anywho, The Experience was pretty cool too. I got to meet a few WWE entertainers and movie stars including Amy Dumas (Lita), Kevin Nash, Torrie Wilson, Vivica A. Fox, and Pam Grier. There were alot more stars there as well but I had to try to make some money. Plus, I talked to my all-time idol, Humberto Ramos! Made my whole weekend.

But enough talking, here are some pics from the event:

Me and My girlfriend, Irene Strychalski


The Ghost Busters Car (drool)

WWE Superstars Lita, Torrie Wilson, and Kevin Nash

Though it was EXTREMELY slow and there weren't many people there, we managed to get a couple sketch commissions in during the last 3 or so hours of the second day. For the Most part Me and Irene got the same costumers get a sketch of the same characters from both of us. But you know who's are who's. Check em' out:

Harley and Spidey to kick things off

Zatanna from DC Comics

Marvel's Deadpool and Lady Deadpool

X-23 also from Marvel Comics

Whelp that's it for now! Stay tuned. Got a lot more in store for you guys!



Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

Thats preety awesome- ill try to catch you on the next show.

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