Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So I've REALLY been having fun with these sketches. They're pretty much the same amount of detail as I do my sketch commissions. Maybe a little dirtier. But they keep me on my toes, and really allow me to play around without thinking as much as I do in pages.

I saw my mentor and good buddy Shawn Crystal drawing Wolverine so I got inspired to draw my own version of 'em.
The second sketch is from DarkHorse's "Umbrella Academy." Don't really know much about it, but it was a sketch challenge over at The Temple of Cartoon Mojo. If you like awesome student work go check it out.
Next is from DC Comics' "Angel and the Ape." Pretty funny comic. A lot different than what I'm used to reading from DC. Added some inks just to see how I feel about 'em.
Finally it's CHAMBER!!! One of my most favorite Marvel Comics characters of all times. Though it would totally suck to have his powers his character development rose above the stands for me.