Monday, January 4, 2010

The end of another year

Newest sequential pages. These were done for a competition called the Morning International Comic Competition. We were pretty tight on the deadline so I'm hoping we made it on time. The story is called "Alpha and Omega."All in all, again, had lots fun with these. In fact, it's probably some of the better pages I've done so far, and just in time to top off the end of the year. Got to play around with a lot of textures and spot blacks. Wish I just had one more week to polish everything up but it's up to the judges now. As for me, looks like I'm going to be working a lot harder to make a name for myself, one page at a time!

Written by the talented Jim Gourley
Pencils and inks done by me!


BROCASSO said...

These pages are great.

With the quality of work and your determination i have no doubt your going to be a killer in the comic book world.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.

Good luck in the contest.

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

nice stuff

Miss E.t said...

Hi Dominike I love ur work especially the characters and the shades used.
I also submitted my work to the morning international comic competition and sent it on the last month which I don’t know if it has arrived there or not.
If you would like to have a look at my work it is at these sites below. Good luck with your work :)