Monday, July 20, 2009

Marvel Tryouts!!!!

That's right people you heard me! Marvel's giving me a shot at greatness and of course, out of all the options I had, the book I chose to HOPEFULLY get my big break is none other than Ultimate Spiderman! SOOO here are some of the character designs and 5 pages from an AUTHENTIC Ultimate Spidey script!! Written by Brian Michael Bendis, originally drawn by the great Stuart Immonen, this is my take on it.

Overall I LOVED doing these pages! Though I'm still a little hesitant when it comes to my storytelling and drawing ability sometimes, I was really confident about these pages. I learned a lot about myself as well in doing these. Like for one, being hungry slows me down DRASTICALLY!!! and two, though they have to be done, windows suck! lol!

BUT... anyways let me know what you think, I'm looking for some major crits here so let me have it!! inks and colors coming REAL SOON!


Tzollo said...

Domo....your work is getting insane! The panel work and flow is excellent. Keep it up. -

Shawn Crystal said...

Domo, looking REAL good, we should sit and talk about a few things. Help you get more "Marvelish."