Friday, December 5, 2008

Winter Break

HEY folks! just tryin to keep up with the updates, this winter break has been REALLY nice 4 me. Thanxgiving was awesome and last week I recovered from finals VERY well from all the sleep I got,lol. Now is back to work for me. time's winding down and I'm still not as ready as I want to be for the professional world. so I'm DEFINITELY using this break to my advantage. working on sequentials and really trying to focus on getting my storytelling right. AND at the same time trying to finish a page a day. man is tough cause there's SOOOO much I learned within the past year ALONE, and now soo much to think about when I'm drawing and the random hunger distractions don't help either...ESPECIALLY with people like one of my friend, Irene Strychalski, only 19 and is WAY better than I EVER hope to be..... maybe I can grow up to be the guy that fills in the blacks in her pages, lol!!!! i dunno, I don't plan 2 go out without a fight tho i'ma be up there with Humberto Ramos, Frank cho, and ED Mcguinnes one day.. i think with the help of Shawn Crystal, Nolan Woodard, and the guys at Gaijin studios, i CAN be a sequential legend... of some.. sort......

... but for now, here's the second version of the "Firebreather" challenge I did, just for the sake of an update cause is kinda old now, and a drawing i did last week for a sketch challenge over @ , go check it out is there and a nightcrawler sketch i did a while back ... Took me a while to get these scanned but it finally happened..... NO SCANNER HERE IN MARYLAND!!!!

till next time on DOMO's BLOG Z!!! lol!


BWIL said...

Hey Your concepts were awesome this quarter Domo. I feel ya on the scanner issue, my mom's 5x8 just doesnt make the cut lol. b e z

chris be said...

great constantine domo, straight to the heart of a smoker. dont know how outta character all that wobble in the line is, but its a top offshoot of your regular style, lotsa feel to it. keep rocking sir.