Wednesday, October 15, 2008


YAY!! more concepts.... here's our vehicle assignment. one vehicle had to be technological and the other had to be organic. probably most of my work went into the organic because it had the most detail. I kind of rushed the "whale-mobile." i wanted to get tighter with the details but i just ran out of time and i like sleep. Was a lot of work overall but i got em done.

my idea for the organic was pretty much a camouflage pirate ship. the look of it is an empty island. other pirate ships would either not pay attention to it or get drawn in to the island look. element of surprise, badda bing badda boom, either the monster under the shell will destroy you with its tenticles, or the ppl hiding on it will sneek on your ship and over run you.

the snowmobile is based around the look of a whale. just a simple snowmobile, only the closed version is the land rover and the open version is and under water swimmer. That way it can move faster and swifter like a real fish.

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babadawud said...

Yo that is awesome! Brotha your work is spectacular . . . and you are just starting! thanks fro coming out last night! I will share this link!