Monday, August 18, 2008

Backstabber Model Sheets

more model sheets from my character design for animation class, this was actually done a few weeks ago, but i've just been lazy with scanning, should be posting some new colored stuff from my final for the class but those will come later today or sometime tomorrow.

in this set is one of the characters from our group project... here is the main character of this story, Caine, which I was in charge of. The first two are his turnarounds, facial expressions and action poses, the third is the line-up of m,ost of the characters in the story put together. We decided to differentiate from the norm and have them in a game of "Tug-a-Rope" rather than just standing there. I did Caine, Able, and penciled Tank. The rest was drawn by my friend Jamar Myrick...

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